Golden harvest at the Grand Prix Stratégies du design 2021 le 22-09-21

le 22-09-21

JOOSNABHAN has won two prizes at the Grand Prix Stratégies du design 2021 in the “naming” and “brand language” categories.

For the naming category, we worked with each One on their brand name. A name that’s also an insight, and that reminds us that each person has value. each One helps refugees reveal their potential by accompanying them in their professional projects. Their new name, “each One”, is a manifesto that speaks directly to each individual, encouraging them to participate and make a difference. A simple name, that reminds us of a truth we sometimes forget: everyone, whatever their origins or their history, has value. And when each person reveals their value, all of society benefits. An insight at the heart of each One’s project.

Alongside Vaonis, we developed a brand language that accompanies the startup’s ambition: to make space observation easily accessible. With a language that lets people embark on a “space odyssey”, so that everyone can live the sensorial and emotional experience offered by Vaonis. A journey through space with “observation stations” and a “travel journal” to discover celestial objects. Vaonis’ space odyssey opens the door to encounters with “nebulas made of acid pink winds and electric green shadows” and “seashell” constellations. All aboard.