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Words come first

To define and differentiate
To inspire and create value

Words have a purpose, a design
For brands and their audiences
To forge identities
Images and perception 

We do word design
We do branding


Word design Branding

word design

Working on brands
is working on words,
Their purpose,
Their design,
From strategy to creation,
Right up to implementation.

that define

Key messages
Brand architecture
Communications plan

that express

Naming & Nomenclature
Corporate communication
Brand Litterature

that inspire

Tone of voice guidelines
Brand Book
Writing workshops
Editorial direction
Change management


Define, express and inspire,
Three watchwords,
To transform brands.

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Sharing l’Esprit Hermès

How to create bonds between the Maison Hermès and its public on social media ?

Give a voice to the Maison Hermès to inspire, intrigue and surprise, in France and in the world. With the will to write Hermès whilst staying faithful to the centennial Esprit of the Maison, its craftmen and its creations.

Work Undertaken
Brand voice
Writing Platform


Work undertaken
Brand positioning
Key messages
Tone of voice
Editorial guidelines


Inspire like a leader

TF1 looks at the world with optimism, but how could we bring that optimism to life in another other way than through images?

By attributing the words of a visionary leader to the TV channel, thanks to a tone of voice which adopts the stance of an inspirational leader and thus bringing its content to life.

Work undertaken
Tone of voice
Writing workshops

Font you

A positive manifesto,
an invitation to change
the world of typography

Typographical creation is a profession that is still restricted to a handful of experts. Whilst typographical ideas can come from any one of
us, the first online co-creation platform would like to give this creative possibility to everyone. All it needed was to be brought to life.

With Fontyou, more than a name, a fun manifesto takes the floor. Its initials FY become the suffix of typos to turn them into ready-to-use adjectives(Achille-fy, Respublika-fy).
Fontyou is also open to wordplay as well as typographical word games "font you very much", "font you, font me, font it together"

Work undertaken
Tone of voice


A world-class brand is an innovative and popular one

What positioning and brand architecture would it take to make B’twin the world leader in bikes?

A great, unique brand, innovative and accessible, likeable and popular, where the individual
is placed at the heart of its initiatives. A great brand for everyone, for every bike and for every use.

Its ambition is to make the bike man’s best friend.

Work undertaken
Brand positioning
Brand architecture
Change management


Can SNCF launch
high speed at low cost?

In a favourable context, SNCF is innovating and becoming the first  in the world to offer low cost high speed rail transport.

To affirm the specific nature of this travel offer, a new brand
has been created, Ouigo, backed
by SNCF, the leader in quality and transparency. Transparency is precisely the idea that guides
the positioning of Ouigo. Using
a simple, clear and colourful identity, the communication adopts a direct, informative and
friendly tone.

Work undertaken
Brand architecture
Change management


Get connected
to your Renault and to the road

What technological name should
we give to the new multimedia 
platform for Renault cars, an intuitive and connected multimedia world?

R-link, a link between the R of “Renault” and of “road” (in both French and English) sounding like a voice command in relation to the “air” (in French).

Work undertaken
Brand language audit


An everyday reflex
for online shopping

What brand name should be given to the first e-basket comparison site to express the advantages of its online service: economy and pleasure?

For everyday shopping, an everyday reflex was needed. More than a name, Shoptimise (“to shoptimise”) has become the new, instinctive reflex action to save money when shopping online.

Work undertaken
Brand positioning


A breath of fresh air in the world of off-shore windpower

How to create a new offer in a monopolistic and very established market ?

 By incarnating a lacking role on the market, the role of a specialist partner : ADWEN, ADvanced Wind ENergy. Joint venture between Areva and Gamesa, ADWEN becomes this new, innovating expert, associating experience, know how and agility.


Work Undertaken

Terres de café

An invitation to travel
to the heart of the coffee terroirs

Against the backdrop of the instant coffee giants, is there still a place for offering a quality experience?

This is an invitation to go deep into the heart of the coffee terroirs at: Terres de café

A brand that gives coffee the grandeur it deserves. Like wine, coffee can now be savoured in the Terres de café, right in the center of Paris.

Work undertaken
Brand positioning

Smart AdServer

Create value in the world of digital advertising

How were we able to transform a technical ad serving supplier
into a leading world player in innovation and service?

We started from the idea that
the best service is to listen.
In a constantly-evolving sector, the brand undertakes to make listening and advising the core of all its activities, in order to always respond better to the needs and expectations of its clients.
Since then, in this moment of
Big Data, Smart AdServer has not stopped innovating and asserting itself, as an alternative to Google/Double Click.

Work undertaken
Brand positioning
Brand architecture
Communication strategy
Change management

Extra Smile

A brand and a CSR campaign
to make you smile

How can we raise awareness about children’s oral health and suggest simple solutions to companies in order to improve this?

With its dazzling, fun tone, the ExtraSmile brand and its communication enables oral hygiene to shed its unappealing image.
It also invites professionals to rally to its cause to improve children’s health in this world. Just by going the Extra Mile, and offering simple and light-hearted moments of joy
every day.

Work undertaken
Brand positioning
Corporate communication


The art and manner of welcoming

“Welcome to our world”, the core idea of the Thalys brand, sets the advertising tone. To support this stance, the brand expressions had to be reinforced with both the internal and external public.

By embodying the personality
of the host - welcoming and multicultural - a new tone of voice covering the brand’s three languages was created. With a language which makes this stance recognisable at every touch-point, both written
and oral.

Work undertaken

Brand language
Tone of voice
Brand book

Change management


The value of words and brands
Stems from a relation of trust.
With clients and partners
Open to transparency,
Optimism and boldness. 




  • Air Liquide
  • Athem
  • Arianespace
  • B'twin / Oxylane
  • BEAU Cheveux et Barbe
  • Coorace
  • Décathlon
  • DS / Citroën
  • Ebb & Flow
  • EDF
  • Éditions Francis Lefebvre
  • Eurovent Certita
  • Eve Sleep
  • Fedora
  • Foires de France
  • France Télévisions
  • Groupe Ackerman
  • Hermès
  • Ingenico
  • Lancôme
  • MAIF
  • Moulin Rouge
  • MWM / Music World Media
  • Nelly Rodi
  • Neo Bnk
  • Nespresso
  • Orange
  • Pathé
  • Pernod Ricard
  • Première Urgence Internationale
  • Promovacances
  • PUIG / Paco Rabanne
  • Quai des Orfèvres
  • Quartus
  • Quick
  • Région Île de France
  • Région Occitanie
  • Renault
  • Rue du Commerce
  • Sebac
  • SFR
  • Shoptimise
  • Smart AdServer / auFeminin
  • Steria
  • TF1
  • Thalys
  • Total
  • Total Spring
  • uMEn
  • Unimev
  • Unlimi-TED
  • V33
  • Verspieren
  • VeryOne
  • WWF
  • YogiTea


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Pierre Nabhan and Valentin Joos 
met in 2007 at Landor, where together they developed the transformation programme of the Citroën brand as well as projects for SNCF, Kempinski and Pathé.

What’s the idea? 

Valentin Joos has been supporting brands in their communication strategy for over 15 years.

He was formerly with Euro RSCG (Havas), Devarrieuxvillaret, Lowe & Partners London, Landor Associates.

After developing his brand consultancy in creative strategy in 2010, he chose to partner with Pierre Nabhan to create JOOSNABHAN.

A graduate of Sciences Po Paris and a post-graduate in Marketing Studies and Strategy.

Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.

Pierre Nabhan has been creating brand languages for 10 years.

Formerly with Euro RSCG (Havas) and Landor Associates, he created TEXT.JPEG, a verbal branding agency and the GlobalBrandingNetwork in 2010, before joining forces with Valentin Joos.

A graduate of Sciences Po Paris – Master in Marketing and Communication Strategy; from the Sorbonne - Master in Information & Communication specialising in Semio-Linguistics, and Cambridge University - Advanced Certificate of English.